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                                                                                                                                                        Engr. Ali B. Kindi
We have determined to achieve the highest excellence in production standards and compete openly with imported products, and we have been successful.
The long list of Projects we have handled is evidence of Our Success.
Our Aims and Objectives are to provide unique sales and support services in all aspects of the aluminum products.
This Philosophy forms the basis of SGAPCO growth and development ensuring that our trading relationship continues to be mutually beneficial. We have
created a reputation for quality and integrity whilst always maintaining a competitive position.
Hereunder brief history about our mother company: SAUDI GERMAN ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD (SGAPCO) was first conceived in 1977 and was formed in 1981 with foreign participation , with emphasis on transfer of know-how. SGAPCO was created to meet their high standard for aluminum products
demanded by national and international contractors, with optimum solutions for their problems. Construction of the plant was completed in 1981. Today, SGAPCO is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium products such as curtain walls, partitions, thermo-insulated doors, windows, facades,
structural glazing, automatic doors, rolling shutters, grilles and venetian blinds.
SGAPCO developed its own architectural aluminium profile system including hardware and accessories and a wide range of aluminium products based on the latest advances in this field.
SGAPCO managerial style is imaginative, innovative and flexible and keeps pace with the rapidly advancing technology of today.
Capital: S.R 65,000,000.00
Average annual turn-over: S.R 80,000,000.00-150,000,000.00
Workforce: 200-500

Aluminum Industry

  1. Aluminium Curtain Wall
    • Stick system thermal & non-thermal structural or with pressure plate
    • Unitized system thermal and non-thermal structural or with pressure plate.
  2. Steel & Stainless Steel
    • Curtain Wall thermal and non-thermal
    • Fire rated and non-fire-rated system
  3. Aluminium Doors & Windows
    • Thermal & non-thermal system
  4. Steel & Stainless Steel Doors & Windows
    • Thermal and Non-Thermal fire rated or non-fire-rated system
  5. Aluminium Louver, Trap Louvers & Ventilation system
  6. Solar control louver system operable or fixed
  7. All kinds of staircase and guard rails
    • System made of aluminium , stainless steel or steel
  8. Skylights & sky domes
    • All kinds of skylights & sky domes of large sizes operable or fixed
  9. External Cladding
    • Aluminium cladding and rain screen system
  10. Trellis & Pergolas
    • All kinds of trellis & pergolas
  11. Frameless glazing
    • Large scale frameless with spider system or fin glazing
  12. Bullet proof glazing
    • Up to 90mm thick glass with aluminium and steel mortar Frames
  13. Fire rated glazing
    • Large scale up to 3 hours

Wood Industry

  1. Office furniture’s Round office original(R.O)
  2. Diagonal office furniture’s by Round Office (R.O)
  3. Control room furniture’s
  4. School furniture’s
  5. Smart desk office furniture’s
  6. Floor screen Partition
  7. Slim line 90 removable partitions heavy Aluminium Profile system up to 6 meter height
  8. Wardrobes
  9. Pro-80 removable partitions fire rated & non fire rated
  10. Kitchen Cabinets
  11. Cubicles for public bathroom

Super Glass Industry (SGI)

  1. Laminating (See Catalogue)
  2. Double glazing (See catalogue)
  3. Bullet Resistance (See catalogue)
  4. Frameless accessories stainless steel & Aluminum
  5. Smart Glass (See catalogue)
Name Title E-mail Address
 Engr. Ali B. Kindi President abprive@sgapco.com
Mr. Ghassan Alsyari Deputy Senior Vice President ghassan@sgapco.com
Mr. Monther Alsyari VP-Administration & finance monther@sgapco.com
Mr. Hatim Alsyari VP-Procurement hatim@sgapco.com
Mr. Antonio Vigueras Projects Manager antonio@sgapco.com
Mr. Sameer Haeba Finance Manager sameer@sgapco.com
Mr. Richard Arcilla Sales Coordinator/secretary richard@sgapco.com
Mr. Manni Sales Coordinator/secretary manni@sgapco.com
Engr. Benjie Lippat Site Projects Engineer benjie@sgapco.com
Mr. Tom Reyes Procurement Manager tom@sgapco.com
Mr. Jesson Joseph Production Supervisor- Aluminum joseph@sgapco.com
Mr. Philip D silva Production Supervisor-wood Philip@sgapco.com
Mr. James Nacional Production Supervisor-glass james@sgapco.com
Mr. Syyed Shahzaib Documents Controller / Secretary sayed@sgapco.com
Miss Khlood HR Administrator khlood@sgapco.com
Mr. Jagadeesh Storekeeper jagadeesh@sgapco.com
Mr. Sulpicio Site Supervisor sulpiciojr@sgapco.com
Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Site Supervisor ibrahim@sgapco.com
Mr. Harif IT Supervisor harif@sgapco.com
Mr. Dennis IT Support dennis@sgapco.com
Mr. Wasfy Projects Site Engineer wasfy@sgapco.com
Mr. Anwar Autocad Operator anwar@sgapco.com
Mr. Imam Delivery Incharge imam@sgapco.com
Mr. Chand Sheikh Store Keeper chand@sgapco.com
Mr. Mubarak Delivery Incharge Mubarak@sgapco.com
Mr. Sharaf Al Sharief Export Manager sharaf@sgapco.com


Deputy General Manager