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The Faisaliah mall, hotel and apartments have been designed to meet global trends in retailing and the specification for the building are world standard Sgapco has installed 11,240 sq m, of curtail walling using 14 types of glass. there area 10000 sq in of normal glass area and 250 sq m of curved in the mall. Manufacturing has taken place in Jeddah with the company adopting an innovative logistical approach to overcome any potential delivery problems. From May 1988, Jeddah facility was greeting itself for the specialist requirements of the project and from March 1999, installation started on site. The curtain-walling system is waterproof both inside and outside, as well as dust-proof Sgapco is also involved on the construction of the squash courts in the apartment’s complex, again using its high level of expertise to meet the exacting requirements of the clients. Engineer Ali Bisher Alisyari kindi, managing director of sgapco, is the proud of the company’s associated with the projects. “Quality is our watchword and we are proud to be associated with this landmark project for Riyadh and for Saudi Arebia.” Says Ali.B.Kindi.

In KACWC we completed following scope of work:-

Remove all debris, stains, marks, scratches and tape on or behind tube veils. Replace damaged tubes as seen necessary.
Verify ans make necessary modifications to tubes within the drainage channels around the building (Auditorium, tower, Library and Create Hall)to maintain a minimum gap between top of channel and edge of tube to of 50 mm in accordance to project requirement.
Complete necessary water tests at different areas identified during rainy season to confirm water infiltration has been controlled and no more leaks into the building will occur, refer to latest leakage report and related EIL items.
Install Missing tubes or modify weather skin at  great hall entrance to oasis in compliance with project requirements. This is required at both sides of the glass wall.