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Privacy Glass

Privacy glass will allow all the light as clear glass but will become translucent or opaque at the flick of a switch. The method is Liquid Crystal sheet permanently bonded two layers of glass.  With the power-on, the glass is clear, while with Power-off the glass becomes translucent.

Laminated Privacy Glass

Smart film Laminated glass is processed by way of bonding  two glass sheets and Smart Film thru the PVB interlayer. The Smart Film comes with an electrical system which are altogether laminated with the glass. Electricity flows through a pre-structured clear conductive coating, eliminating the need for visible wiring.  Smart Privacy glass requires virtually no maintenance.

Structured Laminated Privacy Glass

Structured laminated privacy glass is processed by way of Glazing the Laminated privacy glass with a third glass separated by an Air Spacer. This type of glass is predominantly being used externally – like skylight, walls, and many more.